New customer, easier to add address details

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Adding a new customer

When adding a new customer to your round we have added the option to find the address with Google map. Using the post code this will display the new customers address on the map. You will be able to see how it relates to the rest of your round, making it easier to book it in around other work in that area.

You may only have part of the address, but our system will search for the full address via Google and add the missing parts.

This feature should save time and make your records more accurate

If your already using roundpartner you can try this out by adding a new customer, then you will see the add address with the map in the right corner and input field for postal code. Not using roundpartner then why not sign up for a free six-week trial and give it go.


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End of Summer 2014

Posted by Jon on October 4, 2014 in RoundPartner news, Uncategorized |

In the UK we are now heading into Autumn. The weather as I write this is still warm and dry. We have had a busy summer and hope you have too.
Roundpartner is becoming very popular among window cleaners as their choice of software to organize their rounds. We are slowly refining the multiple users function and rolling out more features over the coming months.
The Guild of master window cleaners has also recently received substantial discounts for their members when they subscribe to the service. Worth checking the benefits of joining at mgwc
Next year we hope to be at the van fest | window cleaning page in Dorset on the 9th of May and we are beginning to make plans for it now. Mark who is organizing the event has a lot of big names in the industry attending for more info have a look at his Facebook group ‘window cleaning page’ .




jQuery 2 cookbook review

Posted by Jon on July 27, 2014 in development, tools, Uncategorized |

Recently we have been reviewing the book jQuery 2 development cookbook. We found jQuery to be a useful JavaScript library for the development of web applications. This is a great book for understanding some of the features that jQuery can make your website come to life. The book is well put to together starting with basic stuff and moving toward more complicated things that your visitors to a website expect to see. If you are new to building websites this is a good introduction to unleashing the power of JavaScript. For those more experienced it is an excellent reference book that provides quick solutions.


Take a look at http://www.packtpub.com/jquery-2-development-cookbook/book

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Window cleaning page trade show and van fest

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We our pleased to announce that we will be attending the trade show. The show is a great opportunity for window cleaners to see what is available to make their job easier. Also relax with others and share window cleaning stories over a beer.  Mark Munro the organiser has done a fantastic job of contacting loads of suppliers and manufacturers in the window cleaning industry to attend this event. There will be loads to see and do. Looks like it will be a fun day for all the family and different from most trade fairs. Test out the latest equipment, have a nosey at other windies van set ups. If your thinking about going water fed pole, chat to others to see what is involved. Roundpartner team is really excited to be showing off the software service and answering any questions about how to use Roundpartner.

With only a few weeks to go we are looking forward to seeing everyone there. Make sure you come and see us for a chat.

WCP Tradeshow / Van Festival 17th May 2014
Gates Open 10.00am-17.00pm
Tickets £2.00 Kids Free
All profits to entry fee go to local Charity

More information about the fair is on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/wcptradeshow/

The event is at Freshwater beach holiday park in Dorset.


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More Functionality in the Planner | Customer name displayed and arrange job order

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We have made available displaying the customer name in the planner. We have had a few requests to make this possible. When viewing the planner you can can see the customers name for the window cleaning job, knowing the customers name is useful for quick references and builds up customer relationships.
We have also made it possible to arrange jobs in order of how you want to work them using the planners drag and drop system. If a job is marked as done this will be frozen in its place. Only jobs that are due or undone can be moved around on the planner. You can also reorder the list by editing the round.

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Crews and teams management for window cleaners

Posted by Jon on January 19, 2014 in RoundPartner news |

We have been working on a feature to make Roundpartner more adaptable for window cleaning businesses who have multiple teams or crews. As your business grows your round may become to large for one person to manage on their own. You start to employ someone to give you a hand, this grows and you are looking at sending your guy out on his own. This provides a new challenge.
We have created crews to help divide work between multiple teams. Using the rounds feature you can organise work for different teams to manage. Having the flexibility to manage your business through a crew system. You can assign a crew a round or several rounds and watch their progress.
How does it work.
Using a smart phone or tablet a crew can be given limited access to roundpartner. While they are out cleaning windows or other services your business offer, they can work through the list looking at the job lists and ticking off each job as they complete it. You can keep track of who has paid and by which method (cash. cheque).
Savings to your business
Without having to use print off sheets and then later update them manually. This will save hours that can mount up over the month. For example you may pay your guy ten pound an hour. Spending an hour a day updating what they have done adds up to twenty hours a month. Saving you two hundred pounds a month or to put it another way, think how many more windows they could clean in that time.
This is summary of what crews in roundpartner can do for your window cleaning service.

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Window Cleaners, are you Making Plans for 2014

Posted by Jon on December 22, 2013 in business tips |

As we approach the holiday period, many of us are making plans to spend time with our families and friends. It can be a bit of challenge to get through work that is booked in. Lots of customers want their homes looking tip-top for christmas and new year.
Hopefully you can get a breather before it all starts again in the new year. As folk look toward the new year they start to make plans for the coming year and reflect on their achievements in the past year. Businesses also should look at their achievements and plan for the future. The Holiday period can be a good time to do this.
Make a few goals for coming year.
Window cleaning business can look back over the last year and see how you have grown. If you keep a diary or book with your customers and appointments in as a record. Go and have a look at it, start with January and count the amount of customers you had. Reflect on the turn over you had for that month. Do the same for each month of the year. Maybe ask yourself how can I improve my business?
We all want different things from life. Some want to earn as much money as they can, others value th time they spend with family and friends. Maybe you have another interest and window cleaning isn’t your main priority. Most will agree that we want our window cleaning businesses to be efficient. Would you agree that the more time you spend cleaning windows the more money you will earn. But there is so much to running a business.
Less time we spend on paper work and arranging our diaries, the more we have to do other things. This could be a start opening up time for things that we really enjoy doing. Lets face it, we use a Car(automobile) because they are quicker than walking.
We are sure that using Roundpartner to organize your round or route work will save you time. No need to print off day sheets and update them by manually. This can be done automatically by Roundpartner. See your round on your mobile phone. This will make your life easier, get on with the things you want to do. For as little as ten pound a month you can benefit from using the service that safely stores your data and easily access from any internet enable device.
Make one change to your business in 2014, Roundpartner and continue to reap the benefits.


Using water fed poles near over head electric cables

Posted by Jon on December 9, 2013 in health and safety, Uncategorized, window cleaning news |

Water fed poles used for cleaning windows are very safe method of getting windows at height cleaned. Taking the falling at height out of the equation, we can become lax about are on own personal safety. Speaking with a fellow window cleaner in Greater Manchester where the Metro has been expanded throughout the area. We noted a lot more over head tram cables in the streets. With thousands of volts being carried through these cables we need to consider whether water fed pole would be the safest method. You only going to get one chance.
Recently a window cleaner in Denmark got a double zap while using a pole near an electric cable, lucky or not so lucky. One of the reasons this was not fatal is because he was wearing rubber soled shoes. Another he was using the Reach-iT pole supplied by Jet systems. The reach-iT pole comes with a sleeve that attached to lowest pole section. Great in winter to keep your hands warm, but also gave a health and safety benefit when electric current was carried through it. Pole was destroyed but the user received minor injuries and a new pole under the no fuss guarantee.

Reach-iT pole damaged by electric cable

Damage to water fed pole after coming in contact with an electric cable

We wouldn’t recommend this as a way to get a new pole or test its insulation properties. Carbon fibre is conductive especially when you have several thousand volts running through it. Also we need to remember that electricity can arc across several meters.
When we arrive at a job it would be wise to consider these things in our safety checks. Even a cable running from a house to a garage can be fatal.
Water fed pole is still one of the safest methods, In rural parts of the UK and Mainland Europe it is common to see electric cables above ground. As this method of cleaning windows becomes more popular we need to consider the risks and dangers highlighted in recent accident. An ladder could have the effect if it came into contact with cable. With many cities in the UK expanding their tram network, keep an eye out for those over head cables.
On a lighter note, Top marks to Richard and Perry at reach-iT for their customer service and replacing the pole.
If you would like find out more.



Easier to add a New Customer or Prospect with Auto complete and Street view

Posted by Jon on November 21, 2013 in Features, RoundPartner news, Software updates, Uncategorized |

When we get a new contact or lead you just want to get the information into the database, get back to earning money at what you do best. This month we have added the new tool, the auto complete form.
Start typing the address of your new customer or prospect and it will give you some help filling in the rest of the address. This will be a real benefit because you can get back to cleaning windows.


Creating a prospect from the desktop site. You can now type in the address and it will auto complete the form for you. When you view the property, a map and link is added to view the location and then go into street view if desired.


Benefit of street view is that we can see the property without having to visit. Saving time and money you can quickly view the property from the comfort of your home. Decide if the job is suitable and even build a quote with the information. When testing the feature we had users remark that they can get an idea of the size of the property, parking and access issues. They could give an informed quote to the prospect which turned out to be 95% accurate. They also send the saving in fuel and time was a great benefit. 
We are featuring this out first in the Prospect section and then roll it out to the other sections of the site as address auto completion a useful tool.

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How to add a customer on the mobile on YouTube

Posted by Jon on November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Here is a link to a YouTube video of adding a new customer to roundpartner on your mobile. As a professional window cleaner people will approach you to be added to your regular list of clients. Here this video goes through the basic steps of adding them on.

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